About Suzanne and Phyllis

Suzanne Venker is, first and foremost, a wife and mother of two fantastic kiddos. She also happens to be an author and conservative commentator as well as a former teacher. She was recently profiled in both the

Webster-Kirkwood Times and Riverfront Times of St. Louis.

Slim Complex

Suzanne is a regular contributor at National Review Online, in the Home Front section, and a former contributor at David Horowitz's NewsRealBlog - where she wrote about the Left's effect on the American family. You can access those posts here. Suzanne also had a personal blog for a year and a half called No Bull Mom. You can access those archives here. Today she writes guest commentary for various publications but spends the bulk of her work time writing books.

Suzanne's work tends toward the provocative - as evidenced by her books The FLIPSIDE of FEMINISM (WND Books, March 2011), which argues that feminism has not empowered women but in fact harmed them, and 7 Myths of Working Mothers.

7 Myths of Working Mothers was published in 2004 and argues that young children and demanding careers are incompatible. It is a Main Selection of Bookspan's American Compass Book Club and is listed on Jeff Rubin's Guide to Best Conservative Books. It was also endorsed by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and featured in Human Events, American Enterprise, Townhall, National Review, and Glamour. (Glamour hailed it as a "don't read" in its "Do's and Don'ts" section.)

In 2007, 7 Myths became available in Europe.

Suzanne has appeared on ABC, CNN, FOX, C-Span, PAX, EWTN - as well as hundreds of radio shows throughout the country. In 2006, she was featured in Kate O'Beirne's Women Who Make the World Worse. (Thankfully, Suzanne was not among the list of women noted for "making the world worse.") Her work has appeared in publications such as Human Events, National Review,World Net Daily, the New York Post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and CNSnews.com.

Suzanne graduated from Boston University in 1990 and now lives in St. Louis, MO, with her husband and their two children.

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